kerry bound

my trip to london for 2 weeks is really worth to write about in this blog. but
due to time constraint ill post it later. off to kerry for 3 weeks. ill try to find my time and find an internet connection as well. lol


Hi everyone. Ill be back to blogging i guess but this time im going to post video captured by me. Ill make a new post on why i decided to do video editing and stuff later. Now, this video above is my first video editing. it was snowing 2 days ago in Cork (wow!) and i managed to do a timelapse. basically a timelapse is a picture taken in a interval of time. like this one above is 1 picture every 0.5 second. imagine that. so it is about 5-6 minutes i guess and contains 1000+ picture that i combined together using Final cut Pro. as you can see from the video it was snowing and at the end it was very windy then turn very sunny. that what ireland weather is if you want to know. crazy! anyway ill keep on posting video in the future. hopefully. sorry there is no song in this short timelapse. ah one more thing. if you have vimeo follow me there. ciao

It could be wrong

‘Lepas exam nak tidur ke, main game ke, tgk movie ke, lepak ke, makan ke, buatla puas2’ rintih hati kecil ini memberi semangat kepada ku untuk menelaah buku patho ini

Namun jauh di sudut hati ini tahu yang semua itu tak benar. Time exam je rasa nak buat semua tu. Habis exam tak tahu nak buat apa.

Des all cau

Ape tu dow osce

Hahhahai bertemu kembali kita di ruangan ini. Anyway sok osce dow. Ape tu osce en. Dak medic biase tau lah kot tp lawak gak r ade clasmate tanye ape osce stands for dan die malas nk google. Secara jujurnya aku pun taktau osce stands for what. Zz

Anyway terima kasih kepada coordinator cp yang dah bagi soalan bocor untuk esok. Jadi mari kite berlatih sama sama. Cau

Perperiksaan musim sejuk

The next 2 weeks ill be facing my winter examination. At the moment im feeling shit and thats why suddenly there is a post appeared on this blog. And you know thats weird

Pathology is tough man! Its not really the same as biology subject that you learn in school but more to the manifestation of the disease. Yup. Manifestation of the disease. And hell yes most of the disease are cancer cancer and cancer. And the shit part is you were given a diagram in the lecture note about the microscopic finding in the disease and there is no explaination about it. Thats my bad i didnt go to class a lot but all microscopic cells looks exactly the same.

I give up patho first since this tuesday ill be having my winter osce. Osce is quite fun but i need to do some revision and practice first. Lol suddenly i feel the excitement of writing a blog. Might be one of the symptoms of exam cancer disease. We will see. Cau

salam ramadhan


wishing you a blessed ramadhan al-mubarak
reminder to myself and anyone: sejahat mana pun kita, jangan lupa tunduk kat tuhan 5 kali sehari
the very least you can do

Let search for Lailatul Qadr my friend
enough of lepak-ing futsal-ing etc-ing
10 nights where 1 of the nights equivalent to 1000 nights
if you know how to count you are stupid not to search for this lailatul qadr

*more to come

kitar belajar


muke excited baru bukak notes nak study

tengah fokus.bajet

dah start tak faham =.=

bile baca ulang-ulang tak faham gak

da start gune superpower baca sambil tutup mata

tetibe muke segar. ouh facebook youtube rupenye

menyesal plus ngantuk sebab facebook due jam



p/s sorry tercamwhore.