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Perperiksaan musim sejuk

The next 2 weeks ill be facing my winter examination. At the moment im feeling shit and thats why suddenly there is a post appeared on this blog. And you know thats weird

Pathology is tough man! Its not really the same as biology subject that you learn in school but more to the manifestation of the disease. Yup. Manifestation of the disease. And hell yes most of the disease are cancer cancer and cancer. And the shit part is you were given a diagram in the lecture note about the microscopic finding in the disease and there is no explaination about it. Thats my bad i didnt go to class a lot but all microscopic cells looks exactly the same.

I give up patho first since this tuesday ill be having my winter osce. Osce is quite fun but i need to do some revision and practice first. Lol suddenly i feel the excitement of writing a blog. Might be one of the symptoms of exam cancer disease. We will see. Cau


One response to “Perperiksaan musim sejuk

  1. Leng Chai

    dude atleast patho is more interesting compared to microb since we have to remember the weird names of the pathogens… damn whats HACEK group? i aint gonna remember it

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