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Hi everyone. Ill be back to blogging i guess but this time im going to post video captured by me. Ill make a new post on why i decided to do video editing and stuff later. Now, this video above is my first video editing. it was snowing 2 days ago in Cork (wow!) and i managed to do a timelapse. basically a timelapse is a picture taken in a interval of time. like this one above is 1 picture every 0.5 second. imagine that. so it is about 5-6 minutes i guess and contains 1000+ picture that i combined together using Final cut Pro. as you can see from the video it was snowing and at the end it was very windy then turn very sunny. that what ireland weather is if you want to know. crazy! anyway ill keep on posting video in the future. hopefully. sorry there is no song in this short timelapse. ah one more thing. if you have vimeo follow me there. ciao


3 responses to “Snow timelapse

  1. Leng Chai

    do a timelapse for cork town the whole day from sunrise to night…. that would be great.

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